AGM - 23 JUNE 2023

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Rugby Management Report Continued

We continued with the winter training facility at the Thatto Heath hybrid pitch which again took the pressure off the Moss Lane facilities.  We hope to reconfirm this winter training option for the coming season, possibly on a Wednesday evening rather than Thursday.

Looking forward, we will continue to need to work hard at maintaining the teams we have and look to develop the areas where we do not have teams.  Where teams do not exist, volunteer coaches and managers are essential to make this happen.

After Christmas I notified the Executive Committee of my intention to stand down as chair of the MJS after some five years in the role.  It has been a real privilege to represent the club as the Chair of the “World’s oldest club’s youngest section” but it is time for some new energy and ideas to be brought to the section.  Moving on from this role will also allow me to focus on the delivery me important projects at the club which will need a particular effort over the coming years.  Currently the position remains vacant but I will work together with the committee to help appoint a new chair and ensure a proper handover to the new role holder.  

As a closing note to my final report it would be appropriate to thank the players, coaches, parents and other club volunteers, catering and bar staff who helped make our season a success.

As per previous seasons I hope providing the right inclusive, enjoyable experience for our young players will continue to be our goal for the 2023-2024 and future seasons.

Confirmation of Subscriptions for season 2023-2024

T. Jackson reminded the meeting that subscriptions were raised to £120 p.a last season and the number of classifications of membership reduced.  Following a proposal by S.Wood and seconded by I. Harrison, subscriptions will remain the same for this coming season.  I. Harrison urged members to ensure that direct debits hadn’t lapsed and emphasised that all income streams were vital.

T. Jackson said that our bank balance as at April 2023 was £80,000 and noted an “astonishing increase” in the turnover at and profitability of the bar.

Election of Officers for the Ensuing Year

The following recommendations of the Executive Committee were proposed by D. Woodcock, seconded by J. Wilkinson and endorsed by the meeting:-

Appointment of Mr. Stanley Bagshaw as President

Appointment of Mr. Raymond French as Immediate Past President

Appointment of Ms Kelly Appleton as Treasurer

Appointment of Mrs Kathryn Poulton as Secretary

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