AGM - 23 JUNE 2023

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AGM 23 JUNE 2023

PRESENT: J. Appleton, K.Appleton, I.Clark, J. Clarke, A. Donleavy, D. Edwards, D. Gregson,

I. Harrison, H. Hattingh, T. Jackson, P. Killilea, S. Madden,  A. Northey, K. Poulton, J. Wilkinson, S. Wood, D. Woodcock.

APOLOGIES: G. Anders, S. Bagshaw, C. Heyes, P. Hazlett, B. Pearce.

Minutes of the AGM held on Friday 10 June 2022

Acceptance of these was proposed by T. Jackson, seconded by J. Wilkinson and approved by the meeting.

Chairman’s Report

T. Jackson began his report by commemorating the names of the following members who had died since the last AGM.  They were:-

Mark Betton, David Boult, Tom Hackett, Steven hawley and John Kenrick.

T. Jackson commented on the current vibrant character of the club, said that he could not remember a season as successful on the pitch as the one we have just enjoyed and expressed appreciation to the members, volunteers and coaches whose efforts had made the season such a buoyant one.  Off the pitch, there has been progress in tangible ways; planning permission is soon to be submitted for new changing rooms and talks are underway with the Football Foundation about installing an artificial surface which should bring more income-generating opportunities.

Appointment of Accountants for the Ensuing Year

The re-appointment of Hunter’s was proposed by T. Jackson, seconded by I. Harrison and endorsed by the  meeting.

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