LS H38  Anselmians 12

This was  a "game of two halves", as a soccer fan would put it,  with a 45 points tally in the first and 5 only in the second - a  typical Darren Wilson effort near the end, with the conversion missed.

A weakened LSH had dominated throughout the game with the lighter pack holding its own and the backs fairly lively  -  but they often kicked away good possession, giving it to the opposition to run back at them with interest.

The bonus point was earned with 6 tries to which Filson added 4 conversions

Anselmians scored 2 first half tries, one of which was converted

Team                                                                                                               Subs

Filson (4 con)                                                              Williamson                  Donlevy

Cunliffe.M                                                                   Metcalfe. T                 Rawsthorne

Cunliffe. D (1 try)                                                        Jackson

McCurg                                                                       Royle.P

Heslop (1 try                                                               Potter

Johnson (1 try)                                                            Burrows

Wilson.D (3 try)                                                           Ward