Colts Ambassadors for Rugby World Cup 2015

Paul Killilea and a group of last season’s Senior Colts  have put themselves forward to become RWC2015 Ambassadors. Paul will act as mentor to the six young ambassadors - Sam Ward, Paddy Royle, Matty Johnston, Jason Lamb, Andrew Roberts and Tom Killilea.

They attended a seminar at the end of May and will now develop plans to use the Rugby World Cup 2015 as a spring board to raise the profile of Rugby Union and of LSH Rugby Club in schools and colleges and the wider community. They also have a key aim to bring back to the club ex-players from the 16-24 age group in particular.

They will now draw up plans to put to the Executive Committee to seek approval for a series of events that will raise the profile of LSH, and bring in additional players and volunteers in the build up to the RWC2015.

Please contact Paul if you would like to support this and for any further information.