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Fixtures Under 13 TEAM MANAGER Jackie Wilkinson Jackie_wilkinson@btinternet.com 07979 692891

Sefton RUFC  25 - LSH RUFC 45

Always good to beat a local neighbour, especially one who we’ve never managed to win against. Earlier in the season they easily beat us with a much bigger squad. Fast forward a few weeks, and with our own additions we had the beating of another big side. Scores from Bailey 4, Jack 2, Ben 2 and James with one, shows how well we worked the ball out to the backs, Sefton couldn’t cope with our handling and pace. 

A huge defensive effort put major pressure on their own big runners, leading to mistakes and turnovers, which we capitalised on. Huge hits from Darren, Jack, Luke, James (ahem!), made Sefton doubt themselves. Great cover tackling by Bailey, new player Harry, and Rhys helped keep them on the backfoot. 

If the Ref had policed the offside line better on both sides, we would have scored many more tries I am sure. 

One area which I think is our strong point is a huge scrum. In that first ten minutes the boys destroyed the bigger Sefton scrum. And coming from two former props, that was a perfect display. Good straight scrummaging that led to us winning great ball. The team was fantastically marshalled by the half backs Harvey, Rhys, Ethan and Harry. 

Excellent performances by everyone, fantastic running by Bailey and Jack from full back, and impressive first games from Harry, tackling anyone that moved, and the returning Aidan, deserved MoM, due to his excellent work rate and dogged determination. Good to see Rivre getting stuck in too. Well done.

Happy coaches today, great to see so much support, could do with less injuries though, including the coaches!!  Lots to work on still but coming together well.

Recover well guys, hot baths, ice packs, bags of peas and ibuprofen! Looking forward to Fleetwood already.

15. Jack 14. Jake 13. Bailey 12. Ben 11. Luke 10. Ethan 9. Harvey 8. Darren 5. James 4. Jacob 3. Jamie 2. Nathan 1. Chappers

16. Rob 17. Sonny 18. Harry 19. Aidan 20. Rhys 21. Harry C 22. Thomas 23. Rivre

David Craven