Leigh  47  LSH 50

21st April  2018

With neither side having a direct interest in promotion or relegation it was a chance

for both teams to throw the ball about with some abandon.

In the process LSH amassed 8 tries and 5 conversions

Team: Johnston, Morris, Cunliffe M, Mc.Clurg, Lynch, Filson, Smith;

Gore, Houlton, Fryer, Hall, Potter, Mitchell, Royle, Webster; subs: Bonati, Cunliffe D, Kearns.

Try Scorers: Cunliffe M, Filson, Kearns, Lynch (2), Mitchell, Potter, Wilson.

Conversions (5): Filson and Morris.


Leigh still has a key role to play - in the League second place contest between Anselmians and

Glossop: at home to Glossop 28th April, and home to Anselmians 5th May.